Calyx Studios: Who we are

Calyx Studios 

Who we are

A copper vessel with water on a painting
Adam Friedlander

Calyx Studios - Our Origins and What We Do

Calyx Studios was born of the desire to gather. A calyx, like a cup, holds the sepals and petals of a flower together. It's protection, a fertile nursery for the petals of the flower to bloom forth and grow. It's a vessel for creation.   

Years ago I stared an intimates label named Calyx. I was inspired by the idea of imbuing your most intimate layers with love, power and intention. Sorceresses would soak their intimates in magic to hold their incantations close. Your personal armor as your secret strength with you always as the first thing you put on and the last thing you take off.  After a few years of making clothing, the fashion calendar season wore on me and my practice. I collaborated and partnered with other brands to dye their clothing, and like water, I flowed with the pathways toward what felt right. The label morphed into a natural dye studio under my name. 

Calyx studios now embodies these principles as a project space, both virtual and embodied in a studio I share with my collaborator Samuel Snider. Calyx Studios is a multidisciplinary creative agency fostering community of intentional, collaborative and ecologically safe natural dyeing practices. 

Our Offerings

Calyx Studios offers small scale natural dye applications and installations for fashion, interior design and fine art. We create one of a kind textiles only using botanicals, plant matter, minerals, non-toxic metals and food waste, transforming each fabric into its own unique discovery. By supporting this work, we believe we can empower and heal our environment and communities through creative play.

We offer public, private and corporate scale natural dyeing experiences and curated tutorials to bring care through natural color to all.

For large scale production orders, please email:

Designer and artist clients include: Jason Wu , Mara Hoffman , B - Sides , Another Tomorrow , Meridian Child Motorcycle Club , Eileen fisher , Samuel Snider , Eckhaus Latta , Alice Waese , Dena Yago , Club Monaco , Chakrubs , Jennifer Behr , 11:11 , Judi Rosen , Mimi Prober and more .

With Love,

Photos by Adam Friedlander

Edits by Yves Golden