Health & Safety

Mordant and Kit Materials Safety Precautions


Mordants :


Ferrous Sulfate:


  • We supply food grade ferrous sulfate but it can be harmful in powdered form to young children and pets. It is advised that you follow these safety precautions.


  • Please keep the iron powder package tightly closed and store away from  children and pets. Do not allow children to use iron powder unsupervised.


  • If ingested, seek immediate medical attention.


  • Measure iron in a well-ventilated area wearing a mask and with gloves.


  • Avoid breathing the steam coming from a hot iron mordant bath and mordant in a well-ventilated area.


  • Protein fibers (wool, silk, alpaca) can feel rough after an iron mordant. Use the least amount of iron possible and lowest temperatures to avoid harshness. Approx 1 - 2% the WOF.


  • Cotton, linen and hemp can take higher percentages and higher temperatures. Approx 10 - 20 % for darker hues. 


  • Thoroughly wash all your iron utensils and pots to avoid staining with residual iron, use non - reactive pots ( plastic or stainless steel ) and it is recommended you make these your iron pots. 


  • Iron dye baths used for color shifting may be reused several times.


  • Dispose of iron bath or iron solution down the drain in municipal areas or in a septic system, or over gravel. Do not dispose in waterways, lakes or streams.