Zoom Back to Black - Class Recording
Zoom Back to Black - Class Recording

Back to Black - Class Recording

CHF 41.00


Have you been interested in learning how to make charcoals , deep blacks and experiment with tannins?

In this class we will divulge how to create a series of blacks on both cellulose and protein fibers. No previous natural dye knowledge necessary, we will cover how to mordant, scour and prep your fibers along with working with tannins you can forage. 

Watch from the comfort of your house in the cold, and play along a later date. If you can't make the class, it will be recorded and available for 30 days post.

Kit Includes:

The perfect dye kit to experiment with creating blacks , charcoals and grays naturally and has everything used in the Back to Black workshop.


The kit includes :

- One organic cotton napkin 18' x 18'.

- 100g of foraged acorns.

- 50g of crushed oak gall.

- 50g of ferrous sulphate. 

- Resource and Instruction pamphlet. 

All packaging is biodegradable, recyclable, and compostable.

The kit contains enough dye to dye one cotton tee shirt and the napkin provided a medium charcoal gray / black, and silk a deep shade of charcoal / black. 

Please take care when using ferrous sulphate around pets and children. The Back to Blacks class will also cover how to make your own iron water with rusted objects. If you would like us to remove the ferrous sulphate from your kit, please email us at info@caramariepiazza.com.

*** Please contact us if the email you purchased the class with is not the email you would like your files sent to. 


Want the kit by itself? Try our Back to Black dye kit.