Zoom Organic & Locally Grown Marigold Dye Flowers
Zoom Organic & Locally Grown Marigold Dye Flowers

Organic & Locally Grown Marigold Dye Flowers

CHF 20.00

Marigold - Tagetes. 

Mixed yellow and orange marigolds grown on Treiber Farms in the North Fork of Long Island.

Marigolds brighten our moods , create a vibrant orange yellow without the addition of modifiers and with iron, create a deep rich khaki green.

They are used ceremonially in many cultures all over the world from Central America to India in ushering the passing of the dead along with celebrations of the living. They flourish late in summer into the winter when the veil is thin for magic making to passion, warmth, and creativity.

20% WOF will yield a vibrant yellow. Depending on the depth of shade, these will dye 50 - 300g of fiber. A little soda ash brings out ochre hues. These can be used in a dye bath, for solid shade we recommend steeping in a mesh or cheesecloth bag, or simply add your cloth in with the pot. Exhaust the bath for lighter shades, and use the spent matter for eco printing. 

We can only ship Domestically within the US.