The Dye Dictionary


The act of pre washing your fibers to strip the fabrics of residue, dirt and oils to achieve a solid color.


A chemical substance, typically an inorganic oxide, that combines with a dye or stain and fixes the dyestuff to the cloth.


An astringent property of seed pods, barks and nuts used in the dyeing and mordanting process.

Natural Dyestuff

A natural material usually comprised of barks, seeds, petals, plants that yields a dye color.

Types of Fiber

Cellulose Fibers

Fibers created from plants, including cotton, hemp, linen, jute, ramie and tencel.

Protein Fibers

Fibers created from animals. Silk and wool.


The transfer of dye from processed fiber onto other surfaces.

Garment Dye

A dyeing technique that immerses a completed garment in the dye bath. We run up to 100 lbs of fabric at a time.

Piece Dye

Dyeing yardage. We dye yardage cut in 20 yard lots.

pH neutral soap

A gentle soap, non - reactive that is suggested for the wash care of natural dyes.

Tonal Variance

Areas of the garment that may vary in hue dependent, due to the organic nature of dyestuffs.